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One of the scariest parts about owning a small or medium-size retail shop is the potential for customer injury. After all, we've all heard stories about customers slipping on a mopped floor and suing a retail shop owner for a million dollars. As a shop owner, we don't want to see that fate befall us. READ MORE >>

After you have a child, you'll likely see a lot of financial changes. You will have one more mouth to feed, and a lot of different care costs to manage. You don't want to face increases in prices you can control, such as your car insurance premium. Are there ways that having a child can help you save on your car insurance? READ MORE >>

Your home's air conditioner is a major system. Over time, it works hard to keep your home moisture-free and cool. If it stops working, it could put your property at risk. It is not common for an air conditioner breakdown to have coverage under your home insurance policy. READ MORE >>

If you suffer injuries in a car wreck, they can prevent you from going to work. Yet, even if you're not bringing in an active paycheck, your bills won't go on hiatus. What can you do to protect your financial solvency? Often, if the accident is covered under your auto insurance policy, your lost time at work has coverage, too. READ MORE >>

Purchasing insurance coverage doesn't have to be confusing. Bobby Brown Insurance Agency — your Trusted Choice agent — has the flexible coverage options and friendly customer service to make your buying experience pain-free.Contact us today to get started! READ MORE >>

Don't settle for an insurance agency limited by the options of only one company. Turn to Bobby Brown Insurance Agency — your Trusted Choice agent — and get freedom of choice!Contact us today to get started! READ MORE >>

Health care costs are a big concern for people going into retirement, but the costs of long-term care can still be a shock. Here are a few facts: • 70% of people over 65 will need some form of long-term care at some point. • For married couples, the chance that one spouse will need long-term care rises to 91%. READ MORE >>

903 pet owners were surveyed and 44 percent say they have made formal or informal plans for their pets’ future care. For one-fifth of those owners, according to the survey, “Pet heirs: Financial planning with pets in mind,” those plans are financial. Pricing a pet’s life READ MORE >>

Policies for children represent a small fraction of the life insurance market, but they made the news this week after a court hearing for a Georgia man accused of killing his young son by leaving him in a hot car. READ MORE >>

As you age, your insurance needs change. While in your younger years you worry about protecting your property and income, protecting your assets becomes a higher priority later in life. "Changes in your life can mean big changes in your insurance needs. READ MORE >>

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